Monster Monday- February 9, 2015


The Minotaurs of Orbis live in the grass lands spending most of their time slowly traveling across the plains during the day and resting in a group at night.Their groups can be huge, causing stampedes destroy the land and anyone that stands in their way. They track deer herds to feed the group and will steal cows from near by farms. With a burst of speed, they attack their prey dragging it back to the group for meals. When desperate for food they have been known to kill with in the group for food, but that hasn't been recorded since the First Age when a drought dried up the wet lands and farmers to lose their crops.  When faced against a minotaur, it's often recommended to not engage in battle, other minotaurs will be nearby unseen resting in the grass and will kill a deemed threat.

Monster Monday- April 7, 2014

Image For this week's monster it's a forest elemental. Orbis has very few elementals in the world. There are rumors of more but their shy personalities keep them hidden in there home lands. There are 2 forest elementals in the western woods who guard the forest from lumber companies demolishing the land and habitat of other creatures. Even as guardians they tend to attack from afar or blend in so well with the forest, they remain unseen. Some of the city dwellers believe that the elementals are just myths that people believe in from ancient religions and texts.

Over the next few weeks I plan on drawing some other elemental guardians of Orbis.

Monster Monday- January 13, 2014



This week is a rock elemental from Orbis, my fictional world I'm currently building. Elementals of all types can vary in looks. Some may be giant and others can be very small. They are born of the element and land around them. Natural magic is the only way of creating elementals, most wizards have a difficult time conjuring elementals. Natural magic from the land can create an elemental with out help from a Wizard. Those tend to be avatars and are large. (The Dwarves of the Iron Halls believe that Dwarves were crafted from stone by a rock avatar.) Most avatars are peaceful and are the guardian of the land they in habit.

Elementals crafted by Wizards are often used as helpers or guards. Some leaders use elementals as guards because of their size and stature, often being feared since elementals are uncommon. Some Wizards use Elementals as guides to find new ingredients for potions because of their vast knowledge of nature. 

Starken- The Strong Ones

For a while now i've been drawing lots of creatures and have had no where to place them in a narrative context. Many of the things I draw I see in little worlds but it tends to be jumbled from one another. But now it's all fitting together in as puzzle pieces. I've created a world called Orbis. Orbis is a giant continent (similar to pangea, when all land was one) where many of the creatures and characters now live. The land has diverse terrain, architecture, culture, and characters. Currently I'm working on a map of the world and when I introduce new content about Orbis, I can show exactly where cities and people live.

Today I introduce the Starken. Starken are strongly built beings with mystical tattoo markings. In Orbis, they are seen as Oracles able to see into the future with their cauldron pipes to read the smoke. Their tattoos are marks from an Oracle reading their future at birth to present, giving the wearer protection from negative events and grant good luck.



Starken are nomads, remaining only a few months in one place during different seasons. They can be difficult to locate at times when traveling occurs. Some Starken live in the cities of Orbis, setting up Oracle shops in markets. But most like to travel with their tribes and don't feel comfortable living in stone structures. 



Starkens are not the warring type, they prefer to stay out of others affairs of battling over land. Since they are nomads, they feel no allegiance to any city state. Though they carry weapons to defend themselves against monsters, bandits, and attackers, they are rarely in war. It is thought because pacifist views.