Monster Monday- April 7, 2014

Image For this week's monster it's a forest elemental. Orbis has very few elementals in the world. There are rumors of more but their shy personalities keep them hidden in there home lands. There are 2 forest elementals in the western woods who guard the forest from lumber companies demolishing the land and habitat of other creatures. Even as guardians they tend to attack from afar or blend in so well with the forest, they remain unseen. Some of the city dwellers believe that the elementals are just myths that people believe in from ancient religions and texts.

Over the next few weeks I plan on drawing some other elemental guardians of Orbis.

Monster Monday- May 20, 2013

Monster Monday- May 20, 2013

Forrest Mammoth

A large slow moving creature that wanders in earths forrest protecting it. There are very few mammoths left because they are born from ancient life force. There are mammoths for different landscapes like swamps and mountains. But with out a keen eye, it can be hard to view them.

(Sorry for the late post, I had a busy few days having to head back to school for an award ceremony and gallery opening.)

Monster Monday- May 14, 2013

Monster Monday- May 14, 2013

The past week has been busy for me. It's finals time, had to finish an animation and study. While I did a lot of sketching now that 'the other people' is complete, I didn't get a good chance to sit down to create a finished drawing. So here's a sneak peak at a new watercolor I am working on. It's the green man previously posted a while back with fleshed out color and rendering. The scene is going to be when the sun is setting and the woods get dark. I started out rendering the figure to see how far I'll take the background. This piece won't get finished up till I move back to Asbury and get settled in. I have lots of new exciting illustrations planned as well as my next book 'the iron halls'

The Other People printed edition

I received my printed copies of my book over the weekend when I went home for free comic book day. I was very excited to see that the print quality was great, though pricey for the resale so I wasn't able to buy extra copies to sell at Free Comic Book day. Lots of customers were asking for copies and got me thinking I might do a kick starter or indie go-go for people interested in purchasing a copy and allow me to get a bulk order so it will cost less per book. But that's for the future.

Here's some snap shots of the book.


Over the next few weeks I'll post some of the illustrations I've created for the book. But now to get back to painting.