Monster Monday- December 8, 2014

Mimic_color_internet Mimics are creatures that are able to replicate objects in texture and design to disguise themselves to trick others. There true form is unknown but they are thought to be an ooze that was infused with changeling DNA, that allowed the ooze to morph. Most likely created in a wizards lab and escaped disguised to multiply into Orbis' cities. It's unknown how many mimics exist or that an object is a mimic till it reveals it's face to fight back. Usually a mimic is harmless unless it feels threatened where it can change into a weapon and fight back.

Monster Monday- April 28, 2014


A new ink drawing for this weeks monster. It started out as an idea of what a Shambling Mound from Dungeon and Dragons Monster Manual 4.0. But it became more of a Fungus Behemoth. Originally the head was a different design it was similar to a log but after drawing the creature out, it made more sense that the character's head be a mushroom. 

This weekend I'll be at the Comic Book Shop of DE, for free comic book day. Stop by for free comics, star wars characters, comic artist and writers as well as illustrators. 

Monster Monday- April 7, 2014

Image For this week's monster it's a forest elemental. Orbis has very few elementals in the world. There are rumors of more but their shy personalities keep them hidden in there home lands. There are 2 forest elementals in the western woods who guard the forest from lumber companies demolishing the land and habitat of other creatures. Even as guardians they tend to attack from afar or blend in so well with the forest, they remain unseen. Some of the city dwellers believe that the elementals are just myths that people believe in from ancient religions and texts.

Over the next few weeks I plan on drawing some other elemental guardians of Orbis.

Dungeons and Dragons


While cleaning my room recently I found a folder that contained all the character sheets from Dungeon and Dragons' campaigns from college. After reading over some of the sheets I found my character sheet for Zorn, my warforge knight. Zorn had an interesting background before the campaign started. Zorn was really Ellen Claxton, a knight of the realm. She was known for her fierce nature on the battle field and great leadership. Even with her great skills, Ellen was killed in a battle against the army of Hel (demons, skeletons, orcs, and a Wyvern) leaving their kingdom in the volcanic lands. She became separated from her battalion leaving her to fight her way back to her allies. A Wyvern blocked her path and the two faced off. After an exhausting battle, the Wyvern pinned Ellen down to the ground killing her. When the battle was over and the army of Hel retreated back to their land, a necromancer of Hel stored the soul of Ellen in a bottle. At the necromancer's lair he built a mechanical metal suit to place the soul in. When the suit came to life, Ellen gained control counteracting the curse place upon it. And killed the necromancer leaving to return to her knightly duties.

I drew the original drawing of Zorn during the campaign but after reading the sheet decided to redraw the character. I cleaned up the design making the warforge out of mostly armor pieces and added pops of color so it wouldn't be some dark. Her legendary sword made of meteorite is in the design though she has fought with other blades. The two pipes on her back help from the mechanical armor from over heating. Over all, I am pleased with the color palette as well as the design. If you are interested in having your character drawn, email me at for a price quotes.


Monster Monday- January 13, 2014



This week is a rock elemental from Orbis, my fictional world I'm currently building. Elementals of all types can vary in looks. Some may be giant and others can be very small. They are born of the element and land around them. Natural magic is the only way of creating elementals, most wizards have a difficult time conjuring elementals. Natural magic from the land can create an elemental with out help from a Wizard. Those tend to be avatars and are large. (The Dwarves of the Iron Halls believe that Dwarves were crafted from stone by a rock avatar.) Most avatars are peaceful and are the guardian of the land they in habit.

Elementals crafted by Wizards are often used as helpers or guards. Some leaders use elementals as guards because of their size and stature, often being feared since elementals are uncommon. Some Wizards use Elementals as guides to find new ingredients for potions because of their vast knowledge of nature. 

Toned Paper Drawings

I had left over pastel paper from the past year, as a break I decided to free draw on them to relax at night.

ImageHere's a goblin that was inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual 4.0 for the skull cleaver goblin. His armor was fun to draw.

ImageHere's more of a folklore goblin. He journeys through out the garden and is in charge of locking the gate at night to make sure no one way can enter the Fae realm. 

ImageMerfolk that are half human half fish never seemed to make sense to me. People aren't built to be superior swimmers. The Merfolk has human characteristics but I wanted it to feel more aquatic with lots of fins and a slender build. I want to do a more detailed piece with some architecture to show more of the Merfolk culture, but I'll add that to my long list of pieces to create.