Sketches for an Upcoming Project

For the past few weeks, I've been spending a lot of my time working on a personal project that includes many of the Monster Monday drawings. In my past post, I showed the process of how I created the Fungus Behemoth, but didn't show the sketch I created for the ink drawing. Lately I've been experimenting with pencils that are similar to my technique I use when I draw in my sketchbook. So I bought some new pencils in Terra Cotta, Red, and Blue prismacolor pencils to create rough drawings for ink drawings. Here are some drawings I created over the past few weeks. bugbear_sketch Hill_giant_sketchsk_2


Some of these have been seen already as ink drawings and digital pieces. Others will be popping up in the next few weeks for Monster Monday and other blog posts.

Moleskine Sketchbook

I've drawn in many types of sketchbooks over the past few years, I've been taking my sketchbook with me everywhere since High School. I decided to buy a sketchbook that could handle the abuse of travel. And so far the moleskine has been handling the travel.


Usually the spine of my sketchbooks break and tapped together to keep the book from falling apart. I've been carrying this book around for over a month and it's still holding up. Attached to the book is a pen with multicolored inks so I don't have to carry multiple pens. Plus I'll never forget a pen to draw with.

Here are some pages from my current sketchbook.






Starken- The Strong Ones

For a while now i've been drawing lots of creatures and have had no where to place them in a narrative context. Many of the things I draw I see in little worlds but it tends to be jumbled from one another. But now it's all fitting together in as puzzle pieces. I've created a world called Orbis. Orbis is a giant continent (similar to pangea, when all land was one) where many of the creatures and characters now live. The land has diverse terrain, architecture, culture, and characters. Currently I'm working on a map of the world and when I introduce new content about Orbis, I can show exactly where cities and people live.

Today I introduce the Starken. Starken are strongly built beings with mystical tattoo markings. In Orbis, they are seen as Oracles able to see into the future with their cauldron pipes to read the smoke. Their tattoos are marks from an Oracle reading their future at birth to present, giving the wearer protection from negative events and grant good luck.



Starken are nomads, remaining only a few months in one place during different seasons. They can be difficult to locate at times when traveling occurs. Some Starken live in the cities of Orbis, setting up Oracle shops in markets. But most like to travel with their tribes and don't feel comfortable living in stone structures. 



Starkens are not the warring type, they prefer to stay out of others affairs of battling over land. Since they are nomads, they feel no allegiance to any city state. Though they carry weapons to defend themselves against monsters, bandits, and attackers, they are rarely in war. It is thought because pacifist views.


Monster Monday- July 8, 2013

The past week has been busy with the 4th of July and general beach traffic of summer, luckily today I got off work early and was able to sit down to work on more legendary monsters. 



The Hippocampus is coming along. For the most part I am happy with the design and it's ready to hit some bristol with ink. It's been different for me designing for aquatic animals because I'm honestly not use to it. But now I am enjoying aquatic creatures.

ImageThe leviathan is a monster of the deepest of waters, known to crush everything in it's mighty jaws. The inspiration was many sea animals: crabs, eels, angler fish, and lobsters. I want to go back in to add more exoskeleton elements to protect the leviathan for the pressure of the deep as well as other predators. It also needs to be more intimidating.



The Manticore is an addition to the Legendary Monster line up. The manticore is known as a red lion with a scorpion tale and a trumpet like roar. Since it was described as a lion, I used a male lion as the main inspiration for the creature. Then looked at horned animals like gazelle to see how savannah animals horns looked like. There are design elements that still need to be solved, but it's off to a good start.



Monster Monday- June 17, 2013

Sorry for posting so late at night, the past week has been a little crazy starting my new job. I got horrible sun burn making it difficult to draw over the weekend. Then I spent the day overhauling the third floor to make what little space I have work. 



Here's more of a fleshed out sketch of the Cockatrice. So far taking the Cockatrice has been one of the easier creatures to design since I had a clear concept of what I wanted from the beginning of the project. Still a few details to work out but getting close to starting the ink drawing of this guy.



The Minotaur's design is done. I flipped the idea of a bull face with a face with some human like features and a body that is heavily inspired by bulls and other cattle. When I do the final drawing, the Minotaur is going to have wider stance since he is a bulky creature and more of a hunch.



After being disappointed with the design I created for the Behemoth, I went back in with new reference. With a cattle inspired body, horns of a giant goat, and legs similar by an elephant, and a rhino horn, the Behemoth is more of what I originally thought.

Stay tuned tomorrow, got some awesome news to share!

Sketch Book

I am a illustrator who has always drawn. I've been keeping a sketchbook since I was about 10 years old and can't imagine the thousands of pages I have filled. Lately I have been working in a new sketch book book, a brown toned hardcover book produced by Strathmore. I've been searching for months for a hard cover sketch book that is not white paper, I need something with a binding so I am not tempted to rip out a drawing and forget a failure. It's important to keep all the drawings to show the progression to a liked drawing. The nice thing about sketchbooks is its an exploration and doesn't have to be 'finished' like an illustration. It's about problem solving and not creating perfect images. So I've decided to share some pages of my sketchbook in hope to get others to fill some sketchbooks of there own.



Incase anyone was wondering I draw with a simple pen and use a white gel pen for the white ink. 


Ice Titan

For my portfolio class, I had to create 4 new pieces to be included in my first draft of my printed portfolio to show professors and visiting illustrators. For my portfolio I wanted to try to create an illustration of something I don't normally do. So I decided to take an old illustration I made about 2 years ago and finish it the way I've always wanted to.

by Paige Connelly

I created this painting in illustration 1. I wasn't allowed to use line and I still did not have a grasp of watercolor considering this is one of my first. But I liked the idea of a monster looming out of the woods with fog and mountains. During junior year, I didn't really use watercolor. I was trying digital, but I didn't like using a tablet and it wasn't a method that I felt comfortable relying on. So over the summer, I decided that I wanted to go back to watercolors and figure out how to make them work.

by Paige ConnellySo I took what I have learned over the past 2 years and applied it to an older work. I started out redesigning the Ice Titan. I wanted to incorporate the ice rocks more into the character and have his arms be more covered. 

Then I sketched the illustration on watercolor paper, inked with FW ink and spent hours layering watercolor. And here's the finished illustration

by Paige Connelly