'The Other People'- Troll page

'The Other People'- Troll page

Trolls are one of my favorite monsters to draw and I wasn't going to leave them out of my book 'The Other People'. I went for a different design then I would normally use to fit into the world I created. The Trolls are known to be great musicians and they express themselves through music. I really enjoyed designing instruments (I played the french horn in high school) and create a larger illustration with a collection of troll musicians.

The Other People printed edition

I received my printed copies of my book over the weekend when I went home for free comic book day. I was very excited to see that the print quality was great, though pricey for the resale so I wasn't able to buy extra copies to sell at Free Comic Book day. Lots of customers were asking for copies and got me thinking I might do a kick starter or indie go-go for people interested in purchasing a copy and allow me to get a bulk order so it will cost less per book. But that's for the future.

Here's some snap shots of the book.


Over the next few weeks I'll post some of the illustrations I've created for the book. But now to get back to painting.

Sketch Book Drawings

With the new year, comes more drawing. I have one semester left of my thesis and a large amount of paintings to accomplish. Here are some recent drawings from my sketch book.

created by Paige M. Connelly

A drawing I did for 'Goblin Week' started by Evan Dahm (Vattu, Rice Boy, Order of Tales)

by Paige M. Connelly

A drawing of a Troll. I decided that ink lines help make the drawing stand out then just pencil. I like this dude's outfit as well. I have plans for using this design in a future illustration. 

by Paige M. Connelly

A recent drawing, I tried to play with some more textures. I like the carrots, Trolls like carrots... and sticks 

by Paige M. Connelly

A new creature I designed. Its a Froglin, an aquatic goblin. They are rather large about a foot and a half tall. They prefer the water and tend to steal bait off the end of fishing lines. I've been having a fun time drawing these guys.

Toned Paper Drawings

It's been a while since I posted. Ever since the hurricane I have been working extra hard to make up for the week I have lost and there are only a few weeks left of the semester. And of course I still have a lot of work to do. But I have been able to find extra time between waiting for paint to dry to sketch. And I have decided to try some new techniques to make finished drawings that don't have inked lines. 


I decided to try drawing on a non-white piece of paper. I have seen other illustrators I admire do drawings on toned paper like Justin Gerard and Brian Froud. It was alot different then working on white paper because I could use white charcoal to add another value along with the values from a variety of pencils. 


I've only had a chance to do a few drawing on the toned paper, but look forward to using this medium and technique to explore another way to create a finished piece.