Monster Monday- February 2, 2015

pumpkin_ghost_internet After goblin week, I wanted to draw something that was completely different. Heres a pumpkin headed ghost I designed a while back and colored last night. I might create some other characters to go with it for my concept art portfolio but I want to make some changes to the design first, so we'll see. That's it for now, back to photoshop to work on coloring props.

Monster Monday- July 8, 2013

The past week has been busy with the 4th of July and general beach traffic of summer, luckily today I got off work early and was able to sit down to work on more legendary monsters. 



The Hippocampus is coming along. For the most part I am happy with the design and it's ready to hit some bristol with ink. It's been different for me designing for aquatic animals because I'm honestly not use to it. But now I am enjoying aquatic creatures.

ImageThe leviathan is a monster of the deepest of waters, known to crush everything in it's mighty jaws. The inspiration was many sea animals: crabs, eels, angler fish, and lobsters. I want to go back in to add more exoskeleton elements to protect the leviathan for the pressure of the deep as well as other predators. It also needs to be more intimidating.



The Manticore is an addition to the Legendary Monster line up. The manticore is known as a red lion with a scorpion tale and a trumpet like roar. Since it was described as a lion, I used a male lion as the main inspiration for the creature. Then looked at horned animals like gazelle to see how savannah animals horns looked like. There are design elements that still need to be solved, but it's off to a good start.