Monster Monday- March 3, 2014



Ice Giants are one of those monsters that I could draw day in and day out because of the variety of designs I am able to create. This Ice Giant is of a high rank due to having more sophisticated clothing of the leather chest plate, cape, and tattoos.

I drew this Ice Giant a while back to include into my new book Conjured Thoughts: Volume 1. Conjured Thoughts is a collection of ink drawing, toned paper drawings, and full color digital pieces compiled into a 32 page book. I'll have copies of the book at MoCCA Fest in NYC in April as well as Asbury Park Comic Con. The book includes never before seen drawings like the one above that have never been posted or published on the internet. 


Monster Monday- December 9, 2013


I experimented more with the pastel pencil over the past week. It's been a little stressful with the semester ending, I'm finally going to graduate. So I took a little time from class work to sit down and just draw something. Of course, I drew a tree folk...sorry (not really). Trees are just interesting, they have interesting shapes that can be molded into faces and distorted anatomy. Plus it's always fun to play with texture.

Monster Monday- December 2, 2013


Another Treefolk, sorry if people get tired of them but they are a joy to draw. A while back I got a few pastel pencils. Most of the time I sketch with a keep pen (because I lose nice pencils all the time) and wanted to try something new. I've seen many people use pastel pencils on colored paper so I decide to give it a shot. The colors I got were Sepia Dark, Sepia Light, and Red Chalk. The feeling of the sepia pencils bothered me, it reminded me to much of charcoal. I hate using charcoal, but the Red Chalk felt more the normal pencils I use in illustrations. 

I sketched the piece all with the red chalk on the yellowish paper. Since I was experimenting with the pencil, starting off small was a good idea. A portrait of the Treefolk flowed from my pencil and resulted in the drawing. It was enjoyable to create since it's been a busy week with the holiday and other work.

Elf Knight

Elf Knight I have many paintings lined up for the next few weeks and wanted to get some of the pieces that are close to done finished. Here is a little practice piece I started a few weeks back at school. Elf armor found it's way into my sketch book after I created a ink drawing for my friend Ginette's birthday. As I have stated before, I don't draw elves often, so it was a nice change. The elf knight was great practice for the larger pieces that I have planned to be working on in the next few weeks. I have a goblin assassin piece and I need to finish The Green Man as well. Plenty to keep busy as I continue the search for a part time summer job.


Elf Lord

For my roommate's birthday I wanted to draw her something really cool. We are both huge Tolkien admirers, Ginette is an elf person, I am a dwarf person, and Claire likes people (most importantly Rohan, as Jared said 'it takes Lord of the Rings to get Claire to say she likes people). 

So I broke out the sketch book to throw some ideas down. I don't draw elves very often so I had to find designs that I liked, I prefer stronger looking characters so I gave the elf lord a strong jaw line and cheek bones. Around the portrait of the Elf Lord, I wanted to create a frame, something I have not experimented with. Art Nouveu reference was used, but I tried to put my own twist on it. And is definitely something I want to continue experimenting Paige Connelly

After filling 2 pages of my sketchbook, I pulled out some illustration board and got sketching. It took a while to draw because of the frame, I wanted to make sure I was happy with the design before I inked the image. Got my trusty FW ink and brush and inked the Elf Lord creating the final image 

by Paige Connelly

Satyr Portrait

by Paige ConnellyHere's a little Satyr Portrait I made while I was at work. I spend 6 hours in the illustration room and decide to relax with a painting that is not involve with my senior thesis. It was a nice break, but back to working on my book. Got two weeks left to finish my paintings before production then sending the book off to print.