Monster Monday- December 2, 2013


Another Treefolk, sorry if people get tired of them but they are a joy to draw. A while back I got a few pastel pencils. Most of the time I sketch with a keep pen (because I lose nice pencils all the time) and wanted to try something new. I've seen many people use pastel pencils on colored paper so I decide to give it a shot. The colors I got were Sepia Dark, Sepia Light, and Red Chalk. The feeling of the sepia pencils bothered me, it reminded me to much of charcoal. I hate using charcoal, but the Red Chalk felt more the normal pencils I use in illustrations. 

I sketched the piece all with the red chalk on the yellowish paper. Since I was experimenting with the pencil, starting off small was a good idea. A portrait of the Treefolk flowed from my pencil and resulted in the drawing. It was enjoyable to create since it's been a busy week with the holiday and other work.