Inside the Studio

My studio is not so much a studio as it is a nest. It's my room here at the apartment that I share with fellow illustrators and the many visitors that pass by.

ImageHere's my desk, the main work area here at the apartment. My work space in Asbury Park is different and both work well in different ways. My desk is my command space, usually I have my computer open with a movie or music on to keep me company, lately it's been Pandora's alternative 90's. I have my favorite books on the top shelf for quick inspiration, also mini vodkas for emergencies, and movie collection. 

ImageA close up of my work space, I recently spilled a bottle of ink of my desk that's why there's a huge blob. Taped on the wall are sketches and notes of daily reminders. There's also supplies everywhere, sticky notes, pens, ink, glue, cups. Maybe I need to clean my desk off a little...

ImageMy paint station has been a new addition to my desk this past year. It's set of drawers on wheels that I can move around my room or apartment to paint where I want to. I got my main mixing palette on the left and travel set on the right. The most used brushes are above the palette on a drying towel and also keeps the table from being destroyed. There's a collection of boards I use to tape my watercolor paper to. Having multiple boards allows me to switch out paintings to work on and able to make more use of my desk. 

That's a quick look into my studio space. Once I move back to Asbury Park, I'll be sure to show my other set up.