Inside the Studio

I've been back in Asbury for a while now and finally got my work space set up the way I wanted, thanks to a day of cleaning the third floor completely. Now I have 2 desks! Which makes switching between painting, drawing, and working on the computer much easier. 



I use my drafting table to paint at. It has a large surface area for all my palettes, brushes, and other supplies. In the upper left corner is my tiny light box and for some reason my portfolio is sitting on the edge of the table. Above my desk are my white boards.



The white boards are a new addition. The boards are also magnetic and have cork around the edges, multipurpose is great. I use clips to hold sets of sketches together for ideas that are close to becoming finished pieces and to remind me that there is always something to do. There are some notes as well for projects ideas and lists. I want to get a white board calendar next. 

ImageHere's my new desk just for drawing. The left side of the table has my large format scanner, now I don't have to pull it off my dresser then plug it in under my drafting table. It makes me more inclined to scan and I've actually started using photoshop to help color comp paintings. Its nice to be able to have my sketchbook open on a flat surface to switch to drawing as I'm waiting for a watercolor to dry. 

ImageRight next to my drawing desk is my book collection or at least part of it. This is where most of my art and comic books are. My D&D books are located close by in a large plastic crate. On top of the shelf are some finished sketchbooks for quick reference and an old tool box with extra ink in it. There's some sculptures on the shelf as well, one of a Satyr I've made, a satyr from the Narnia films, and Gollum. 



I don't get lonely working because my dog Abby (she's a mutt, we rescued her 6 years ago) is right behind me watching (more often sleeping) on my bed. She hangs out with me most of the time when I'm at home and really likes to cover my blanket in dog hair. She is a great dog, very gentle and sensitive, but not very graceful. Abby is great company while I work. Sometimes Claire hangs out with me and we talk about the illustrations we are working on and our summer jobs.

That's it for the next work space, soon to have a new painting to post, new legendary monster, and a boat load of sketches.

Inside the Studio

My studio is not so much a studio as it is a nest. It's my room here at the apartment that I share with fellow illustrators and the many visitors that pass by.

ImageHere's my desk, the main work area here at the apartment. My work space in Asbury Park is different and both work well in different ways. My desk is my command space, usually I have my computer open with a movie or music on to keep me company, lately it's been Pandora's alternative 90's. I have my favorite books on the top shelf for quick inspiration, also mini vodkas for emergencies, and movie collection. 

ImageA close up of my work space, I recently spilled a bottle of ink of my desk that's why there's a huge blob. Taped on the wall are sketches and notes of daily reminders. There's also supplies everywhere, sticky notes, pens, ink, glue, cups. Maybe I need to clean my desk off a little...

ImageMy paint station has been a new addition to my desk this past year. It's set of drawers on wheels that I can move around my room or apartment to paint where I want to. I got my main mixing palette on the left and travel set on the right. The most used brushes are above the palette on a drying towel and also keeps the table from being destroyed. There's a collection of boards I use to tape my watercolor paper to. Having multiple boards allows me to switch out paintings to work on and able to make more use of my desk. 

That's a quick look into my studio space. Once I move back to Asbury Park, I'll be sure to show my other set up.