Up Next

The summer is always hard in trying to accomplish a large project. It may seem easier since there is ample amounts of time, but juggling a part time job in the mix with illustration can be difficult, especially when in the past it involved me standing out in the sun for 9 hours a day then coming home to draw.

But I am determined for this summer to be different. I have set goals in mind and they will soon be making there way to my calendar once ideas are solidified. I do plan on making a rule that every 2 weeks a new painted illustration needs to be done. That way I can work on my painting skills and create pieces with more complex compositions. It's also easier to have a goal this summer because in September I am attending Illuxcon in Allentown, PA and I want to bring the strongest portfolio possible because I plan on reviewing my portfolio with companies. 

Also in the works will be my second book, since my senior thesis will be my first, of all brown paper illustrations. I have a loose idea of what I am planning to do and will be able to start more of the planning process once I have my thesis off to the printer next week.

Here's a sneak peak at an illustration from my senior thesis book called 'The Other People'