Monster Monday-January 19, 2015

crystal_rock_creature A Crystal Rock Elemental for my Mobile Gaming Concept Art Portfolio. Recently I was talking to the One Fantastic Week illustrator community and gave me great advice to promote my illustrations to gaming studios. I live close enough to New York City to commute by train. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be formatting a new portfolio with some of my existing work and creating new work to show my process and thinking when it comes to character design.

Monster Monday- January 12, 2015

Rock_Elemental_color_internet Rock Elementals live in the craggy, rocky lowlands and mountains. They sleep for long periods of time, usually weeks, months and sometimes even years or decades. They start life out as a small rock, adding other rocks to themselves to add better mobility and grow in size. There are rumors that some of the mountains and volcanoes of Orbis are actually Elementals who are in a deep slumber. This hypothesis has not be proven but there is evidence that elementals are difficult to detect and often go unseen to untrained eyes.

Monster Monday-January 5, 2015

starken_warrior Starkens live in the vast fields of Orbis. Spending most of their life traveling the lands following game rather than settling in one select area. There lives are built to move, their yurts can fold into smaller parts and carried on bison. Traveling for weeks on end before establishing a settlement is normal for Starkens from a young age, you carry what you own. Starkens govern in a true democracy, all voting on laws, rules, and travel. Rarely Starkens have been involved in war, they prefer to create peace then get involved in others politics. The only reason for having warriors is to hunt and protect the group while they migrate. Starkens are skilled martial artists that focus on the spiritual side being trained by monks who teach them the philosophies of their society and of the world beyond their own.

Monster Monday- December 30, 2013



Last Monster Monday of 2013, since I started Monster Monday in February I've only missed 2 Mondays. That was mostly due to the fact that my thesis was taking up my time. Missing 2 out of how many weeks is pretty good and I hope to create a new monster for every Monday of 2014! 

This week I created an orc. I'm entering it to be included in a zine, but the zine version has gray values, rendered digitally. I usually have trouble getting started on an orc drawing because it always starts out a little too goblinish. But this time I started out bulkier so I wouldn't run into that problem. To make this orc different from my other ones, this guy has fur armor of a barbarian. Hopefully, this will make it to print.

Monster Monday- August 12, 2013

ImageThe idea for this Imp piece has been pinned to my board for a month and a half before I decided to make a finished piece. Originally I wanted to make the thieving imp into a watercolor but decided to create a drawing first to see if I wanted to continue the piece to a watercolor illustration. We'll see if it ends up as a watercolor, It would make a nice spot illustration for a role playing game.

Traveling Ice Giant

Traveling Ice Giant

Finished the illustration earlier in the week. My summer job was/is keeping me busy. But that doesn't mean I'll be slowing done my illustration work. I'm excited to start saving money to get both 'The Other People' and my new 'Legendary Monsters' book printed for the next Con season. All those days standing in the sun, helping tourists pays off.

Remember to pick up 'Against the Slave Lords' to see my hobgoblin illustration