Goblin Week 2015- Day 6

goblin_chemist Todays goblin is an alchemist. The alchemists work in labs creating new explosives. They contain the explosive potions in glass bottles that will shatter when hitting a target. Some of the potions are acidic to cause damage to people while others are meant to light buildings on fire. The alchemists fill barrels with gun powder and roll them towards enemy lines and blow them up. Most cases it back fires on their own ranks, but the alchemists are determined to make it work.

Spot Illustrations

Last month I created 2 spot illustrations to include in my portfolio. Drawing objects can have as much character as a figure and it's interesting to give objects there own personalty.



The first spot is a Alchemist's potion brewer. This idea was one of the first concepts I created in my sketchbook. The idea was to create 2 spot illustrations that played with light. This spot has two light sources, one being the fire at the bottom and the fire creating the glow on the bottle. I was taught new techniques that I used to create the glow in the illustration and will be really helpful for future images with creating interesting light source. This was a fun piece to draw and was helpful in to continuing my improvement in creating digital work.



The other spot I created was the dagger struck through the table. I like to draw super drippy candles, there almost like little sculptures created by the heat and not purposely controlled. The candle is the main light source that creates the shadow on the dagger. The same technique that I used to create the glow in the potion was used again, but taken to the next level by using multiple colors. I didn't want to go with boring colors on the dagger so I used the yellow, orange, and blue to add character. This piece turned out better then I could have imagined and I'm glad to have 2 more digital pieces to add to my portfolio. 

Blog's first Birthday



Yesterday was this blog's first birthday (today in my tumblr's 3 birthday) chronicling the work I've created through out my journey of creating my final thesis and all the work in between. In the past year, I feel that I have found my footing on where to take my career. And each time I learn a new skill or polish another, I am only getting closer to my main goal of being a successful illustrator. Recently I have been working on digitally coloring my work in photoshop for an independent study I'm doing this semester. For a long time I was resistant to creating work digitally because I love drawing and inking on paper (and didn't feel comfortable using a tablet). But with encouragement I dove in and am really enjoying it.

As a thanks to all my supporters, here's a goblin alchemist bomber I just finished up for a small project I am currently working on. Thanks again.