Asbury Park Comic Con and MoCCA

The past 2 weekends was extremely busy. I had Asbury Comic Con one weekend and the next weekend was MoCCA. Luckily Asbury Park Comic Con is down the street from my house ad I didn't have to deal with public transportation like I had to for MoCCA.

photo by Maggie Connelly

Claire ( and I shared a table. This is our 3rd time exhibiting at Asbury Park Comic Con and have been there since it's beginning in a small bowling alley down the street from convention hall. This year was the biggest con yet and had a great time meeting new faces and sharing my work. Next year is going to be even bigger, with a new location and many exhibitors. 


Over the past weekend, my school had a table at MoCCA fest in New York City. Claire and I split half the table with our classmates. Chris Gash, one of the head illustration professors, got my school the table for all of us to share. It was great to have people recognize my work from the internet as well as other cons I have attended. The weekend was very busy but was worth it.


I got a lot of cool books and prints while at MoCCa. I am really excited to spend the week reading the books I got and displaying the prints I bought. If you live near New York, MoCCA is a great con to attend to get indie books and hand made products. 

On Free Comic Book Day, I will be at The Comic Shop in Wilmington DE with my finished Senior Thesis and prints from my book along with my sketch book 'Conjured Thoughts' and comic 'Warg'. Hope to see you then