MoCCA Fest 2014 in NYC

Over the weekend, I tabled at MoCCA Fest in NYC with my illustration buddies. This was my third year displaying my work at MoCCA but this time I wasn't tabling with my college. Here's a picture of the table. Image


I sold copies of my new book Conjured Thoughts as well as many copies of Goblin Guild. The monster stickers were also a popular product I sold. Since Goblin Guild was a successful book I created, I started to create another book this time about the Iron Halls, the great empire of Dwarves of Orbis. I'm hoping that I might be able to get the book done in time for Asbury Park Comic Con this weekend since I have a few finished ink drawings already done. But if not, it will definitely be done for Free Comic Book Day.

The strangest part of MoCCA was a giant Macy's Day balloon of Charlie Brown was inflated in the armory. It was crazy how big a parade balloon is till its about 5 feet above your head. The whole weekend the balloon deflated and it was freaky to have the balloon's foot drawing closer to hitting the table. But a big thank you to the ballon coordinators from keeping the balloon from killing us.



I had a great time meeting people at MoCCA including some Twitter and Tumblr people. I was lucky that Saturday was my birthday so I had extra spending money to get some awesome books at the convention. Check them out.


I also got to meet James Kochalka, who signed my copy of The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza, which was awesome because he has so many great comics.

This upcoming weekend is Asbury Comic Con, its Saturday and Sunday, and I will be tabling with my sister Claire. I look forward to the convention since I've shown at all the conventions they've had so far and made a lot of awesome friends.