Wizard Battle 2014



Born of the elemental energy of the earth, Carig was brought to life through natural powers along with all of the craglins. Due to Carig's large size he is able to manipulate the abnormal amount of magic that flows through his body. After many years of training with all kinds of magicians and wizards, he was able to harness his magic to protect craglins from their natural enemy in the cave systems called crawlers, bat like beasts of great speed and a venomous bite. Carig guards the graglin tunnel systems with enchantments and hexes to keep the mines safe from thieves and crawlers as well as the crystals magic that brought their kind to life. 

Monster Monday- September 8, 2014


For Twitter's Wizard Battle, created by Marek Jarocki, I decided to create a geomancer to enter as my wizard. Currently I am coloring the character in photoshop to enter in the contest tomorrow. Originally I was going to create a goblin wizard but wanted to do something more interesting since I've drawn a bunch of goblin magic users in the past. The other night I was unable to sleep, so while sketching in bed I drew a thumbnail of a rock character and thought it would make an awesome wizard. And today I sketched and inked the drawing to prepare for the deadline of September 9 for my wizard. Tomorrow I'll post the colored version along with the bio for my geomancer.