Thunder Beard Watercolor



For a while now I've wanted to create a watercolor piece from 'The Iron Halls' a fictional world of a dwarf kingdom in the high mountains with glaciers and snow. A while back I posted the drawing of Lord Thunder Beard and did some digital work on it. This time around is all traditionally done with ink, watercolor, and gouache. There was experimentation done creating texture for the background as well as switching inked lines out for lines created with saturated watercolors.

In the past I haven't written to much about the characters and worlds I've created. So I decided that I should share those thoughts too.


The Thunder Beards are one of three clans that rule the Iron Halls. Thunder Beards are known for their strength in battle with mighty war hammers. There culture centers around the warrior figure in architecture, clothing, and thought. The Thunder Beard clan is always the first line of defense with the Ice Giants attempt to break into the mountain and exterminate the dwarves. They also tend to be the ones who hastily  makes decisions in council meetings. 

The current leader of the Thunder Beards is Olaf 'Giant's bane' of the Thunder Beard Clan. The middle name is a feat name that a dwarf can receive after doing a feat that helps the Iron Halls.