Monster Monday- February 3, 2014



A Tarasque is a dragon of the swamps. It does not resemble the common image of what a dragon usually is. It spends it's time on the ground, hiding in large bodies of muddy water. Camouflage is the technique the creature uses in order to hide it's massive body from armies that could take it down. It prefers to snap out of the water, grabbing it's pretty then drags it into the water to both drown and eat. The large club at the end of it's tail is it's defense from being attacked from behind and it's horns can pierce the best armor. Legend tells of the Tarasque slicing a knight in half with the power of it's jaws. 

In Orbis, only one Tarasque remains in the bogs of the North. All others have been killed and kingdoms displays the horns and shells as relics of battle. That last Tarasque has not been seen in hundreds of years. Lots of people believe that none are left, but few believe that the harsh stench of the bogs is the Tarasque breath and don't venture into the swamps.

Monster Monday- June 24, 2013

Two weeks ago I started my summer job here at the beach and today has been the start of my first full week of work. But that didn't stop me from spending my free time working on my real work illustration.

ImageThe Minotaur was the first monster to be drawn and inked on bristol. It pretty much looks like the drawing I showed last week with a few adjustments. 

ImageHeres the inks over a texture i created using different types of paper and adjusting some of the elements in photoshop.

ImageThe tarasque was next. The tail was changed to be more of a weapon then in a drawing that I posted a few weeks ago. 



The illustration on textured paper. I plan on adding information about each monster with the illustration, but I need to write it and get some help with placement and such.

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