Monster Monday- June 10, 2013

More sketches I've created for the Legendary Monster project. I was in an art funk for a while last week but finally sketched my way out of The project is going to be split into chunks so I can scatter the work in their different phases. hippocamp

ImageLast week I posted ideas I created in my sketchbook for the Hippocamp. Here's more of a refined idea. The animals I used as inspiration were: horse, seal, fish, and a seahorse.

ImageThe Minotaur is another creature for the project. Minotaurs are typically depicted as a bull head on a human body with hoof feet. The face has human characteristics with more of a bull nose and large jaw, it keeps it away from looking like a typical human proportions. I wanted the minotaur to feel strong with a bulky body and large arms. So far I think the design is heading in a good direction.

ImageThis is the Behemoth. Though the idea I wanted to get across wasn't realized in this drawing, I decided to post it anyway because sometimes things don't work. I was aiming for a hulking monster with a horn. This drawing looses the large sense of scale I wanted, I think I am going to give him more of an rhino body and add some of the other ideas I had in my sketchbook.

ImageAfter I feel comfortable with the design of the creature, I draw a bunch of poses till I get one that feels right. Some of the poses may seem obvious to the creatures I've revealed so far, but others will be discussed next week.