Monster Monday- December 29, 2014

warcraft_goblin_internet Last Monster Monday of the year! And this year I didn't miss one week reaching my goal of having a monster posted every week of 2014. Having a project like Monster Monday really helps hold accountability to post on my blog, tumblr, and other social media. For 2015, I hope to make it another year full of monsters and creatures as well as other projects.

The image above is the final colored version of the goblin entry to Blizzard's Hearthstone contest.

Monster Monday- December 15, 2014

warcraft_goblin_inks For this week's Monster Monday is a goblin inspired by Blizzard Entertainment's Hearthstone, an online card game. They recently released an expansion of Goblins VS Gnomes and this was a drawing I created for the goblin side. I ended up finishing the gnome for the art contest But wanted to share the goblin as well. This week I plan on finishing the colors and sharing the final later this week.