Gothmog toned paper drawing


For a while now, well since December, I've been working on a drawing of Gothmog from J.R.R. Tolkien's the Silmarillion. It took a few tries at creating completed drawing before I created the image I liked. While listening to the Silmarillion audiobook, I was inspired to draw Gothmog. Balrogs tend to be tricky because of the details of the monster is more descriptive of the fear it created and a few details of how it physically looks. I created my own version of Gothmog the Balrog that is not similar to the portrayal in the Fellowship of the Ring film but based on how I imagined Gothmog as I listened to the book.


Monster Monday- December 23, 2013



With Christmas a few days a way, I thought it would be a good time to draw everyone's favorite Yule time demon sidekick of Saint Nick... Krampus. For those who don't know, in eastern European tradition Krampus travels with Saint Nick, while he gives children the treats, the bad children have to deal with Krampus. He beats bad children with his bundle of sicks and the most terrible children are carried off in Krampus' basket to hell. Krampus is not seen as 'bad' character. His purpose is to scare children into being good, similar how children are told if they are naughty Santa leaves them coal. On December 5, many towns have a Krampus parade. Each person carves their own wooden mask with real horns and covers themselves in hide of animals. They scare children while being given alcohol as they march. In the past few years Krampus has grown in popularity in America and maybe he will even join Santa on his journey in the next few years.