Rocket Raccoon

image I've been a fan of Rocket since I picked up back issues of Mike Mignola's run back in the '90's. A raccoon running around with a crazy gun and Mignola draws it, awesome. Experimented with more texture in the piece like Rocket's hair, pants, and rocks. It was weird drawing a crazy scifi gun since I don't draw a lot of science fiction. But it does make me want to try to make a large scifi illustrations.

Rocket raccoon belongs to Marvel

Asbury Park Comic Con 2014 Recap


This year was the forth time exhibiting at Asbury Park Comic Con in Asbury Park NJ (which is just down the road from where I live). This year was the biggest con yet with multiple rooms of comics and creators. I shared a table with Claire in the indie room and happened to be the best room because of natural sunlight, cool temperature, and full of awesome people. I brought the same products I had at MoCCA fest since they are a week apart. I sold a bunch of stuff and drew Rocket Raccoon for one of my favorite shops The Comic book Shop of DE. For Free Comic Book Day, I'll be at the Comic Book Shop again this year for Saturday afternoon as well as being a guest artist for Ladies Night.