Monster Monday- November 3, 2014

MM_Bug_BEAR Bugbears are the larger cousins of goblins. With their large size and strength Bugbears are often used in goblin armies as berserkers. They carry axes, clubs, or broad swords to take out as many opponents as possible. Their armor is a higher caliber since they are front line fighters and leaders. Bugbears are used as the Goblin King's guards and hold a high position in the goblin hierarchy. A few work in the forges to help create the mighty weapons and amor. There are Bugbears that work regular jobs like merchants, farmers, and political positions. Some work as sell swords instead of working for the Goblin King and have been seen in other factions armies and as city guards.

Monster Monday- October 20, 2014

image Former wizard for the Goblin Guild and creator of the infomous Boltbomb, Zimix Boltstrike, is now a teacher at The College of Magicians. Nolonger interested in the chaotic nature of 'goblin' magic is currently studying the nature of lightning magic. Zimix is able to control lightning with skill beyond any spell caster at the college. He teaches many classes at the college and continues his own magic education at the college and abroad. On his days off Zimix likes to play checkers and drink lemonade.