2014 Review

A lot of stuff has happened over the past year, most of it consisting of sitting at my desk drawing and getting work done. The past few days I’ve put together a list of some of what I accomplished in 2014 -Graduated college in January, the semester ended in December and my diploma at the end of January

-I participated in Goblin Week on tumbr, drawing goblins of a crystal mining company

-Another year at MoCCA Fest in NYC. Tabled with my friends and got to meet some people from the internet at the convention.

-Asbury Park Comic Con was its biggest yet. Tabled in the Indie Room with my sister. Unfortunately its the last convention in asbury since the convention moved to a larger space in north jersey.

-Got to visit my friends at The Comicbook shop in DE, for both free comic book day and their Halloween weekend.

-Second year at Illuxcon, this year I got to attend all the days of the convention. I also had a table at the showcase and got to receive feed back from illustrators and art directors.

-Improved my digital skills by spending an obscene amount of time working in Photoshop

-Created a bunch of new portfolio pieces, full digital illustrations to character spots

-Finished a whole year of Monster Monday, 52 posts about monsters and creatures