Illuxcon 7

Last week was Illuxcon, I traveled to Allentown PA for the convention to see many of my favorite illustrators as well as portfolio reviews. This year I was able to attend every day since I graduated and didn't have to worry about dealing with classes. Most days I attended multiple lectures. The most informative lectures were the Artist Bootcamps by Drawn and Drafted. I attended all 3 of the two hour lectures. It was great to learn the ins and outs of being a successful illustrator. Here's a link to the information sheets that were used during the bootcamp.

The main show was packed with amazing artwork. It was overwhelming by the amount and array of drawings and paintings to see. It took me the whole convention to see the whole show. Every year the show has different artists and new works to see. I also had two portfolio reviews with art directors. This was my first time having a portfolio review with art directors face to face. It was a little nerve racking while waiting for a review but the positive results made it worth it. I was recommended to research board game companies since my style would suit board games well. I was also recommended to send my portfolio to game companies that create games for mobile devices.

Through out the convention I talked to the Illustrators displaying in the main show and side show. Justin Gerard told me about his process of creating an illustration with multiple figures. I talked dragons with William O'Connor. And Chris Seaman saw improvement in my portfolio thanks to has advice from last year. I also got to see a former professor, Prof. Jeff Menges, who I worked with on an independent study my senior year of college.

This year was my first time showing my work in the showcase on Friday night and Saturday evening. I tabled for the first time by myself, usually at conventions I share a table with friends. Illustrators Annie Stegg Gerard, Justin Gerard, and Chris Seaman stopped by my table. I enjoyed talking to them and they gave me advice on how to improve my illustrations. I sold some original art as well as copies of Conjured Thoughts. And new hand made accordion books of monsters, I don't have many left, people really liked them.

Here are some photos of how I set up my table.




Last year I bought a painting from Chris Seaman and this year he bought a drawing and a copy of Conjured Thoughts.


Through out the convention I met a lot of people who create all different types of illustrations. Some people I'm familiar with from Tumblr and Twitter. It was fun to trade portfolios to check out each others work as well as talk comics, monsters, and books. Next years's Illuxcon is already on my mind. I have two big personal projects that I plan to finish to premier at next years showcase (i hope to get a table again).