Monster Monday- March 17, 2013

For Saint Partrick's day, I drew 2 creatures of Celtic legend.


Leprechaun's are widely known for finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But there is much more to them then just gold. They are very experienced cobblers, fixing shoes at night while the village sleeps. I based my design much more on Folklore details then the stereotypical depiction of Leprechauns in pop culture.

Another creature for the week is Balor.



Balor is the king of the Formorians, a race of giants. He has one eye on the front of his head and another eye on the back. Making it difficult to sneak up on him. There was a prophecy of a grandsons slaying him and was killed by killing his grandkids. I couldn't find a clear description besides his unusual eyes. So I based the design that was similar to my Ice Giants since they are related as giants but of different races.