Alton, the Blue Ghost

With a (kind of) snow day, I got the day off from selling arts and crafts supplies to stay home and get real work done on illustrations. There have been a few digital pieces sitting on my desktop for a while and deciding to finish some today. Here's the finished Halfling rogue piece I previewed on my tumblr a while back.



Alton The Blue Ghost is an enigma in Orbis. Some say he is a folk hero helping to bring down tyrants, other's say he is a common thief, and some believe he's a creation of people's imagination. Known for his great stealth, Alton hides in the shadows of the cities spying on politicians. Waiting for the best time to strike them down and uses his size to his advantage when hiding indoors. He steals their valuables, wether it be documents or gold. His weapon of choice is his short sword that he uses with deadly force, beating some of of the best guards gold can buy. Landing his face on many wanted posters around the kingdoms of Orbis. Because of Alton's action he has been named The Blue Ghost, killing out of the darkness and only seeing the color of his cloak as he escapes. Alton's adventures have become stories of Legends in Orbis and are told over the lands.