Monster Monday- November 25, 2013



This week I drew an Owl Bear that was a request from twitter. Owl Bears are from Dungeons and Dragons and have been included in other games as well. For some reason, I never faced an Owl Bear in any D&D adventures, usually it was goblins or huge monsters. And I miss not being able to play D&D weekly, but I am hoping with the new gaming/comic store down the street will have games going on.

Any way, for my Owl Bear, I played with more of the owl aspect instead of drawing a bear then stick an owl face on it. For the arms I added feathers and gave the body a feather like feeling. The claws are similar to a bear and the head is obviously influenced by an owl, it is an owl...bear.... The head has 'horns' are like a horned owl and a larger beak then a normal owl. The beak was inspired by eagles. 

I think the redesign is interesting and might even take my owl design into a finished spot illustration for a monster manual type book for RPGs.