Monster Monday- November 18, 2013



This week's Monster Monday is a Bat Nosed Imp. The Bat Nosed Imp lives in dark caves and dungeons, it can see clearly in the dark and rarely leaves before sun down. They tend to gather in groups for safety while sleeping and hunt in a pack to take down larger pray. These Imps have been known to take down large birds and clean it to the bone. 

I rushed on adding the whites which resulted in the paper buckling, I am once again reminded to have patience in the creation of a drawing. A good reminder to have in the illustration world and life in general. Though I do have to admit, watercolor has taught me the most of patience as well as juggling multiple pieces at a time (more like 24 illustrations for a book and having to finish 1 every day for a month... thesis)

I'll have new work to show this week so look out for it.