Monster Monday- October 14, 2013

More Classic Monsters



It was only time before Dracula got his turn to be redesigned for Monster Monday. The two inspirations were the original book Dracula by Bram Stoker and the classic Universal film of the same name. The more ghoulish face was taken from the text, Dracula didn't have the same features of a normal person. I gave him a longer face with pointed bat like ears. His clothing was inspired by the film Dracula where Bella Lagosi wore the now iconic black cape, crisp white shirt, and had a widows peak hair line. The cape inspired a much larger collar that could be used to shield him from the sun if he was having a late night. And the rest of the clothing was to match his aristocratic persona.



The Hunch Back of Norte Dame the bell ringer of the famous church, crowned the king of fools. The book is nothing like the Disney film, no surprise there, the book is much darker and has a very strange ending (But a good one, no happy Hollywood ending for this book). My design was inspired by the Elephant Man, a famous oddity in freak shows. He has lumps, bumps, and misshapen body. Since he was always in the church, I figured his hair might have turn white from the lack of sun as well as his skin. That's the reason why I used light brown paper. 

More Monsters to come next week. And later on this week I'll share my first real digital illustration.