Sketches for Legendary Creatures

This week, I thumb nailed out the book. So I know which monsters are paired next to each other. I don't want to reveal the chosen creatures because I'm still debating on a few monsters. I got a bunch of great recommendations of of legendary creatures to research, which is always fun to read about and see old illustrations of.

After compiling a list, I write down a few ideas that I want to influence each creature. 

ImageHere's 2 pages for the Cockatrice. It's a hybrid of a chicken, dragon, and ostrich. I explored different facial ideas, wings, and legs. After sketching I'll create more of a complete drawing.

ImageI haven't started the Cockatrice drawing. So I have the Taraque, which is influenced by lizards, turtles, and ankylosaurus. It's tail is going to be more like an ankylosaurus with a club to bash in skulls. The drawing was done on animation paper used for pencil tests. It's thicker then tracing paper and holds up to much more abuse, but can still have a few layers of paper before its hard to see the original underdrawing.

The next step will be to finish more of the designs, I have about half to do and then need to do finalized drawing designs for the others. Then onto inking! but that's not for a while.