Monster Monday is evolving

I've been drawing creatures for Monster Monday since Febuary. They have ranged from new creatures to sketches. Ever since I finished The Other People, I've been waiting to create long term project, but not as long as 7 months like I had to create my first book. While I have been conceptualizing work for The Iron Halls, it's quickly becoming a bigger project then what I want right now. So I thought of creating more finalized pieces for Monster Monday and work outside of my comfort zone. I mostly draw humanoid type creatures but for the next few months I am going to do my take on legendary monsters. I've compiled a list of a few creatures but am looking for suggestions on interesting creatures I've missed or have no knowledge of. 

potential monsters

dragon, phoenix, griffin, manticore, sphinx, chimera, hippogriff, cockatrice, harpy, and hippocampus.

Feel free to recommend any legendary monsters I am missing.

I want to get the project done by early August so I can get a few printed copies to bring with me to Illuxcon in September. Onwards to sketching.