Catch up Time

Last week Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and since I live in New Jersey, it has greatly effected me the past 2 weeks. When the storm hit, like most of the population, I lost power. I had a crazy adventure being evacuated from my apartment then traveling all over New Jersey.

With out power, I had a hard time working on my school projects. I spent alot of the time sitting next to the fire sketching and helping my grandparents out. I did manage to get a finished drawing done of a Goblin. 


I will hopefully get a chance to watercolor this piece before Thanksgiving. I want to use it as a warm up piece before I paint the Hobbit illustrations for Independent Study. The semester is more then halfway over and I can't believe how much work I have to accomplish and personal pieces I still want to start.

I have been keeping a small moleskin like this one.


I tend to draw rather large and moleskin sketchbooks are rather expensive. So I use mine for jotting down ideas and little sketches that come to me on the go. It's usually in my backpack or sitting on my desk. The ideas that I put into this book are usually for the long term since I use a larger, hardcover, sketch for my personal work. This way I can hold onto ideas for longer with out having to search in past sketchbooks for a thumbnail or paragraph I haven written about for an illustration. 

As for Senior Thesis and Independent Study, I probably won't be posting many of the works in progress until illustrations are done.