Exploring Fablewood-Feburary 8, 2016


Boggart Designs

Sketched various designs for Boggarts for an illustration. Boggarts like to cause trouble by stealing pies from windows or rolling around in mud then entering your house. Most Fablewood residents see Boggarts as tricksters with a childish nature.

More work to be done on experimenting with the designs to get the silhouette and design I'm looking for

Exploring Fablewood-January 25, 2016


Otis hiking in the mountains

graphite on bristol

Otis is off on another adventure into the mountainous area of Fablewood. Many giants and a few dragons live in the crags of rock hiding from the daylight and venturing out at night. Otis hikes up the highest mountain looking for an ancient dragon, Razeth, to record the histories of Fablewood.

Goblin Week 2016- Day 1


Portrait of a Goblin Solider

5.5x7.5, graphite on paper

It's that time of year again, its Goblin Week again on Tumblr. I don't need an excuse to draw goblins, it's really a week where the rest of the internet joins in with goblins of there own. Starting out this week is a goblin portrait inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons art work from the original books as well as Advance D&D.

Tomorrow will be Exploring Fablewood but contributing to Goblin Week

Exploring Fablewood-January 18, 2016


Portrait of Hazel

Every once and a while, a character I randomly draw on a sketch page, reappears on another page then another. Evolving and adding more to their personality and story. Hazel has popped up a bunch of times in my sketchbook, it looks like she will get her chance to experinece Fablewood. A small gnome witch, ready for adventure and always willing to give a hand to those in need.

Gnome Spellcaster

gnome_spellcaster Been playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons lately with an awesome group of people. The drawing started out as a sketch then quickly evolved into a finished drawing. Currently I'm drawing the party of adventures that my group plays in our D&D campaign.

Exploring Fablewood- January 4, 2016


Collection of sketches of Fablewood residents

For 2016, I've decided to switch up Monster Monday to a project I'll calling Exploring Fablewood. Instead of posting just monsters, Exploring Fablewood will cover residents, places, and events through out Fablewood. Each week I'll post a snippet of development of Fablewood and there is a good chance that my 2nd sketchbook project project will be a new Fablewood story.

The first post kicks off with a collection of sketches from my sketchbook of characters. Some of the smaller sketches will be developed into finished artwork.

2015 Review

Another year has passed and a new year about to begin. When I think about the short term as in weeks or months, it can feel that accomplishing a goal is out of reach but looking back on 2015 I did a lot. -Participated once again in Goblin Week on Tumblr, its hard to pass up a reason to draw goblins.

-Got a mentorship with Cory Godbey, transforming my process, tools, and exploration of narrative illustration.

-Finished my first sketchbook Songs of Fablewood, featuring numerous sketches, drawings and illustrations of a folklore inspired world populated by creatures.

-Successfully funded my first kickstarter to print Songs of Fablewood.

-Attended Illuxcon for the 3rd year, had a table at the showcase and got to meet up with many of the cool artists I met last year. Though it was a bummer that the whole time I was there I had no voice from allergy season.

-Attended NYCC for the first time in many years and had a great time. Got to meet my mentor Cory Godby and even made some awesome new Dungeons and Dragons friends.

-Finished another whole year of Monster Monday, 52 new monster/creature drawings.

-Had some of my artwork featured on Geek and Sundry’s website in a Critical Role gallery.

-Got to participate in Listen To Your Third Eye zine with a new 3 eyed troll witch.

For the upcoming year I plan to continue to make strides as an artist; fleshing out more of Fablewood and exploring the other parts/inhabitants of the world. I will also be pushing myself to get more professional work and not depend on my day job as my sole income. I also plan on writing more on my blog, I have really dropped the ball when it comes to adding my thoughts to blog posts.

All will take time but I’m sure 2016 will be just as successful as 2015.

Monster Monday-December 28, 2015


Troll Wizard

page from Songs of Fablewood

Its the last Monster Monday of the year. It's been 3 years of Monster Monday and 2 consecutive year of not missing a Monday post. Since its the year end, I decided to share a page from my book Songs of Fablewood. This year has been a huge leap forward in my style, work, and process. And I look forward to the continued growth as an artist. Today is the last Monster Monday ever but not the end of Monday posts. Next Monday starts the next chapter.

Drawing Grog

While drawing Grog Strongjaw, I instagramed photos during different stages of drawing. Here's some insight on my process: photo 1

After sketching the whole image in blue pencil, I start to render the drawing with an HB pencil. With the blue pencil I work more on the shapes letting the lines and shapes overlap not worrying about value or texture.

photo 2.JPG

Partially through rendering, I usually start with the characters face because if that isn't right, I will probably not like the rest of the image. Switching off between rendering with pencil and eraser stick (Tuff Stuff Eraser by Papermate) I build up values. I use a piece of wash cloth to smooth out rough gradients to be smooth. photo 3

Closer to the finial illustration, I like having the color pencil show through the finial drawing. To get tighter lines and texture, I'll use mechanical drafting pencils to build up the forms.

And thats a little insight to my work method.

Critical Role's Grog Strongjaw


Another drawing of a Critical Role party member. This time Grog Strongjaw played by Travis Willingham.

Grog is a goliath barbarian thrown out of his clan for protecting an elderly gnome, beaten by his clan, fellow cast member Pike (gnome cleric played by Ashley Johnson) saved him from death's doors. Pike and Grog are best friends, even with the differences between the two.

Here Grog is at Gray Skull Keep enjoying ale from his cask that he carries around in the party's bag of holding. Don't mess with Grog's ale, he will rage!