Exploring Fablewood- July 19, 2017

It's been a while since I've drawn Otis and Gertrude. Forever ago, I drew this interesting tree folk that I wanted to use for an illustration and knew it was a perfect Otis moment. Otis sits on one of the legs of the oldest tree folk in all of Fablewood called the Grand Historian. Since Otis is always looking for a good story, he sits with the tree for many hours sharing his trinkets and stories with the elder.

Here are the base sketches I used for the grayscale comp, cut and pasting them in photoshop to use as a guide of where to place the lighting. While its just to give me direction of lighting and shapes, it was a nice exercise before siting and drawing out the entire piece. The size is going to be 11x17 inches and I'll print this gray scale comp out to use as my guide to transfer of shapes to the bristol. 

Exploring Fablewood-October 31, 2016

My idea of posting a finish drawing based off the sketches I made last week kind of fell behind as I spent a chunk of my week working on non-fablewood artwork. But I did start sketching elements of my next larger illustration involving an important tree folk in Fablewood, the elder tree just known as The Historian. He has watched all of Fablewood for over 300 years, meeting many of its heroes and villains, and recounting the tales of old. 

Asking for Directions

Directions_p_Connelly Another of the full color illustrations from Songs of Fablewood. After being lost in Fog Hollow, Otis and Gertrude meet a friendly tree folk who gives the pair some advice on how to navigate through out Fablewood.

This one was part of the the illustrations I created during my ten week mentorship with Corey Godbey. It was a great experience  and am glad have a new way of thinking about narrative and story telling. And I am also enjoying working in graphite, something I would probably not have said a year ago. Losing the inked line for the pencil has really help me push my work more towards the young adult/children's market that I am after.

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