Exploring Fablewood- March 20, 2017

While on my lunch break at work, instead of mindlessly scrolling through different apps, I started to draw in a little sketchbook. It's not that I never draw on my break. But this week I decided to draw on every lunch break and let my brain shut down for 30 minutes to sketch. It resulted in experimenting with toned paper, which I haven't used in a while and forgot how nice it is for sketching. During lunch the other day I started to draw some trolls resulting in this weeks collection of sketches. 

The sketches above are from a small toned sketchbook I keep in my work backpack and my normal every day sketchbook I use at home. Both of which I take to work with my pencil case and head full of ideas. 

Exploring Fablewood- August 29, 2016

Postproduction of the book has begun. I plan on sending the book out mid September for a bundle of books for October Convention season. I will probably not have any fore New York Comic Con and will have copies for the Illuxcon Showcase.

Heres a preview for a page layout. Nothing is final and many hours of sitting in photoshop is ahead.