Exploring Fablewood- January 23, 2017

The new year means new idea for what Fablewood's theme is going to be. So its a lot of drawing and sketching and thinking and throwing anything I can think of down on paper. Most of the pages I fill never find its way to the internet, mostly because they are unintelligent scribbles with arrows pointing and random words. But this week I am sharing some of those random thoughts.

Gnome Inventor

I draw lots of gnomes, there is no way of stopping me from drawing gnomes and goblins. But this gnome is different from my usual Fablewood Gnomes.

Over the past few months I've been experimenting more with color, If I want to get better at digital art, I have to make digital art. On my days off I've been chipping away at this gnome inventor and clock work owl. I'm pleased with the results and plan on adding this into my other sketchbook I plan to print this year Conjured Thoughts Volume 2.

Bonus original drawing and sketchbook pages!

Exploring Fablewood-April 4, 2016

I draw enough gnomes to start figuring out what kind of houses they should live. Architecture isn't something I draw often, giving me even more of a reason to practice drawing structures. The gnomes of Fablewood have a variety of housing options from hollow trees to houses of river stone. While their houses may be small for gnome use, establishments meant for all are built to accommodate beings from the tiniest fairy to the largest of trolls.