Fablewood- July 11, 2017

With almost a month with out a Fablewood posting, it returns! With a collection of sketches of some new residents of kobolds and bird witch. These kobolds are my first try at adding them to Fablewood. I kept away from the lizard type kobolds of RPGs. These kobolds live under ground in a complex tunnel system. The design needs to reflect where they live in Fablewood along with their clothing. There's a bunch of facial designs and anatomy sketches. Theres a few mandrakes, which are always fun way to play with potato shapes.

Then on the right side is Bird Witch, an old character created for my thesis in college, which was essential the demo tape of Fablewood. Bird Witch was the villain but I don't want any singular good or bad characters in Fablewood. Her design gets an update to reflect the alignment change. She still holds her former characteristics of filling in a kettle with her walking house. But now she helps more residents of Fablewood.  

Exploring Fablewood- May 17, 2017

Sorry for posting two days late. I wanted to post more then just loose sketches and a more finished preliminary drawing then I had last week. So I took a little extra time to clean up the drawing below to a polished state. This troll is off to a market to Magic Market to sell his ever burning lanterns. But along the way, he's met a new friend in a little wisp friend. Unfortunately the paper I was drawing on was a little small and the hand couldn't be finished, but the final will be all fleshed out!

Exploring Fablewood- May 8, 2017

I think I have narrowed down a theme for this years sketch book! It's a mixture of a few different ideas I've had combining into one. It's going to be a magic market, with trolls, goblins, and gnomes selling enchanted trinkets to the residents of Fablewood. Starting off with some of the primary sketches for a sly goblin vendor.

It started with some figure gestures to get the personality of the character down. Some are more approachable while one is more sinister. Once I get the figure down, I'll start to add details to the costume and explore who this character might be.

Exploring Fablewood- February 27, 2017

This week is a return to a concept I posted a few weeks back. 

I liked the concept as a gnome scholar sitting in his study working on recording magical spells. The idea was good but I wanted to add more to the piece before creating a finished image. So I went back to the drawing board, using the original drawing as the basis then added more elements to add narrative to the image

I'll be taking this drawing to finish, adding textures and rendering the image. Next week will be the finished drawing.

Exploring Fablewood- January 30, 2017

Over the past few days I've been thinking a lot about history. How our current events will be recorded for future generations to read and how it will be interpreted. Will 2017 be a blip on the radar or how tomes dedicated to it's events. And all that thinking led it's way back to my sketchbook and into Fablewood. 

Here a gnome (currently named) records the magics of Fablewood onto parchment for future peoples to learn from. Not everyone might see the importance of spending the time to illustrate all the spells but this gnome knows that it could eventually be the only fountain to learn from. All the symbols in the image are pulled from alchemy symbols,mixed and matched to create something new. I wanted it to feel familiar but still weird. Over the next week I plan to take this drawing to a finished state along with adding a little more to the image as well. 

Exploring Fablewood- January 9, 2017

The past week has been lots of sketching of what could be next for Fablewood. So far its lots of scribbles of compositions and story ideas. Though one sketch I happened to like is of a gnome with a hatched egg. The gnome is related to the gnome witch (Hazel) from Parade of Wisps. He prefers to study the other creatures of Fablewood, including this little phoenix that just hatched.

Exploring Fablewood- December 12, 2016

Fresh out of the sketch book from over the weekend, We have a gnome bard drumming for the Wisps of Fablewood. The sketches started out as mindless drawings during a lunch break then evolved into a realized idea. Though the drawing isn't 100 percent how I want it. It's a great base for the final drawing I plan to use on my first promo postcard for the new year. Next week will be the finished drawing.

Exploring Fablewood-October 31, 2016

My idea of posting a finish drawing based off the sketches I made last week kind of fell behind as I spent a chunk of my week working on non-fablewood artwork. But I did start sketching elements of my next larger illustration involving an important tree folk in Fablewood, the elder tree just known as The Historian. He has watched all of Fablewood for over 300 years, meeting many of its heroes and villains, and recounting the tales of old. 

Exploring Fablewood- October 24, 2016

I feel like I always say that everything is crazy and I didn't have a finished drawing to share. Unlike other weeks when its my day job and working on book layouts, this week it was Illuxcon. (Later on this week I will be doing an Illuxcon post.) I do now have boxes of Parade of Wisps that will become available in my soon to be online shop. Along with my other sketch books and some original drawings! Maybe some prints as well.

So I am working towards changing my posting process a bit. One week I will post sketches and by the next week a finished drawing based on those sketches. This is the first week I am doing this so it could all fall apart, but worth a try eh. 

For this week are some little tree Imp sketches. People loved the Tree Imps at Illuxcon and I haven't given them the same attention I have to others. So it's there time to shine 


With Fablewood's drawings done, I've had a little bit more free time to finish some drawings that have literally been siting on my desk. Some of which have been living on the corner of my desk for months. 

One of the recently finished drawings is a halfling pirate swinging on the ropes of a ship. It's one of a small collection of pirate themed drawings that have been slowly evolving from random sketches to finished drawings.

Here's the sketch used for the final drawing


Exploring Fablewood- September 5, 2016

I am done with all the illustrations for this years sketchbook. Now its time to put it all together. I am very happy with the work I created and look forward to sharing the final product with you all. Next week I will reveal the title and cover for Exploring Fablewood.

This week is a small study of a satyr I did as a cool down drawing after work one night. Enjoy.

Exploring Fablewood- August 15, 2016

Days of over 100 degrees and nights around 85, have made it difficult to draw when the paper sticks to your arm no matter what. Though progress has slowed down this week, I already have set up what needs to get done this week. 

Similar to last week's sketches of the satyr, I have fleshed out the drawing more to be the basis of the final drawing for the book.


Exploring Fablewood- August, 8, 2016

Piles of drawings and sketches are covering my drafting table. Sifting through random sketches, rough gestures, and character designs, the progress continues to complete the next Fablewood sketchbook. One illustration is left to complete a spread for the book and a few others are near completion. 

This week is the rough drawing for A Night's Watch. I used this as the base for the final drawing then add some changes and of course render the image.

Exploring Fablewood- July 25, 2016

In the past week 3 of the 4 drawings I have left for the book have been started and in various stages of completion. The finial works will be released when the book is finished but here is a sneak peek at one of the larger illustrations.

Sorry for the short post, time to get back to work in order to get the book off to the printers on time for Illuxcon!

Exploring Fablewood- July 18, 2016

Days are starting to get away from me, July is more then half way over giving me about two months to send the next Fablewood book off to the printers in order to have it in time for Illuxcon. So I am shifting all other little side projects and drawings for later. 

This week is a troll design for a larger illustration I have composed, done a loose digital rough, and am ready to start finalizing some of the drawing for the finished work.

Exploring Fablewood- July 4, 2016

Work continues on this years Fablewood project, holidays means a day off to draw. Azrug the ogre warlock stands on an observation with two guests. Azrug studies the stars in its connection to magic and beasts of Fog Hollow. 

The thumbnail needs more development before I start the final drawing. But the sketch of Azrug will be used as a base for the digital mockup for the final.

Exploring Fablewood- June 27, 2016

Froglins started out as a creature I wanted to include in my thesis in college but didn't manage to squeeze in. Fablewood is an ideal place for the froglins to make home.

Froglins are aquatic goblins that live on the river banks, swamps, any body of water really. They spend most of their time swimming and hunting for fish and rarely make an appearance far away from water. Though that doesn't stop the will-o-wisps visiting a Froglin relaxing on a rock.

Exploring Fablewood- May 16, 2016

A theme is starting to appear for this years sketchbook. Over the past few months drawing, I centered on will-o-wisps interactions with Fablewood's residents. I've decided that the direction of this years project will be a celebration of the yearly return of the will-o-wisps similar to All Hollow's Eve.

Starting off with Hazel, the gnome witch, meeting some new friends in the grass lands.

Exploring Fablewood- April 25, 2016

    Fablewood’s cast of characters has been growing in my sketchbook these past weeks. I’ve decided to continue to create new characters to inhabit the merchant town of Avra Springs. Full of bustling shops, tankards of ale, and many stories. 

    A well known face in Avra Springs is Kole, a troll enchanter and collector of relics. He has a shop called The Last Stone. Inside his cluttered store is full of artifacts, tomes, and trinkets from the beginning of time. Not an adventurer himself, he often contacts explorers who wonder Fablewood to find artifacts lost to history.

Exploring Fablewood- March 21, 2016

This week Troll Witch returns. She has been a character that has stuck around for many years. Starting out as an assignment in a class senior year of college and hung around waiting to inhabit a project. When creating Fablewood, it was clear that Troll Witch would be a character I would bring into this world. With sketches and conceptualization for my next Fablewood project Troll Witch has returned to explore a larger narrative.