Exploring Fablewood- May 22, 2017

Lots of sketches and gestures as the magic market is being populated by vendors of all sorts with a variety of enchanted bobbles. In the past I've drawn a few satyrs of Fablewood that are akin to classic depictions of satyrs rather then ones that would 100 percent fit into Fablewood. This week I've been exploring how satyrs of Fablewood would look like, experimenting with horns and clothing. The satyr below mixes classic depictions, my personal task, and influence of traditional Japanese clothing into a sitting satyr with his scrolls. In the finial I plan to add more the Japanese influence into the clothing as well as the pottery and calligraphy props. 

Here's the first go at a structured drawing.

Exploring Fablewood- March 27, 2017

Been spending a good amount of time thinking of what theme this years Fablewood book will be. It's mostly quick sketches, random words, and rough ideas of what I am interested in creating this year. Nothing is finalized but I am narrowing in so I can have as much time to create a new body of work before Illuxcon in October. 

For this week I am sharing a drawing from Parade of Wisps of the satyr guide. Last year I shared the sketches and drawing. Now here's the finished piece. 

Exploring Fablewood- September 5, 2016

I am done with all the illustrations for this years sketchbook. Now its time to put it all together. I am very happy with the work I created and look forward to sharing the final product with you all. Next week I will reveal the title and cover for Exploring Fablewood.

This week is a small study of a satyr I did as a cool down drawing after work one night. Enjoy.

Exploring Fablewood- August 15, 2016

Days of over 100 degrees and nights around 85, have made it difficult to draw when the paper sticks to your arm no matter what. Though progress has slowed down this week, I already have set up what needs to get done this week. 

Similar to last week's sketches of the satyr, I have fleshed out the drawing more to be the basis of the final drawing for the book.


Exploring Fablewood- February 29, 2016

This week's addition to the Fablewood mythos is an arcane veteran and a member of the Magician's Council along with Troll Witch and Troll Wizard.

Joreth lives in Fog Hollow in a small cabin collecting rare herbs and mushrooms for medicines. He is often found in his garden growing herbs for his experiments. Visiting Joreth can be a challenge with the beasts living in Fog Hollow scaring people away. But the beasts don't bother Joreth since he heals the injured creatures asking for nothing in return.