Exploring Fablewood- March 13, 2017

Continuing my adventure into digital coloring. I started coloring this portrait back in January and needed to finish it after staring at in on my desktop for weeks. Spent the afternoon adding textures and shadows to the base colors. 

One of my goals this year is to improve on my digital skills and finishing smaller pieces like this one. Let's me practice without the intimidating nature of worrying about all the figures and elements of the piece as an entirety. Here's one down and many to go as I continue digital art exploration.

Art Drop Day 2016

Last year I missed Art Drop Day and was determined to participate this year. Due to the holiday weekend and having to work the whole time, I wasn't able to draw anything new to drop. I pulled out my box of finished drawings to fish for a small drawing to drop. I pulled out the goblin and knew where I wanted to drop it. I headed a few towns over to hide it among the RPG books at the local B&N.

Turns out I never scanned the drawing for whatever reason so enjoy the poor quality phone photo.

Exploring Fablewood- September 5, 2016

I am done with all the illustrations for this years sketchbook. Now its time to put it all together. I am very happy with the work I created and look forward to sharing the final product with you all. Next week I will reveal the title and cover for Exploring Fablewood.

This week is a small study of a satyr I did as a cool down drawing after work one night. Enjoy.

Exploring Fablewood-March 28, 2016

Sometimes just creating small drawing can feel like an accomplishment. Between a full time job, illustration projects, and general life completing work can feel like a marathon. While working on larger projects I like to sit down and create small portraits as a way of winding down. 

This week is the owner of the tavern 'The Tankard Half Full' gnome Herbert Oliver Haywend.

Garthok, orc rogue from Critical Role

There's always stack of sketches and drawings on the corner of my drafting table waiting to be finished. The other day I pulled a drawing out of the stack to finish after I got home from work. 

Garthok is a half-orc rogue, member of the Clasp, and aided Vox Machina after the dragon attack in Emon. He appeared in one epsiode of Critical Role and wasn't a major character but I liked the idea of an orc rogue. Here's the small graphite portrait. 


Monster Monday- March 9, 2015

goblin_wiz_hat Last week my new brush pen arrived in the mail. Lately I've been looking for a brush pen to take with me on the go since carrying a bottle of ink and brush isn't convenient. I ordered a Kuretake Brush Pen and like it more then the Pentel Pocket Brush. It glides much smoother and the brush is stronger. As a test I inked this portrait of a goblin wizard for Goblin Guild.