Bog Crawler Drawing

Lately for inspiration I have been flipping through monster manuals and creature codexes looking for interesting beings to draw. Inspired by all the art, I created a Bog Crawler. Able to move quietly in the muddy waters, it attacks with its hooked swords dragging it's prey into the swamp to drown. Bog Crawlers fight in small hunting groups to ambush trespassers venturing into their grounds.

I see bog Crawlers as a low level creature with a much stronger Bog Crawler war chief as the leader. I might have to make some stats for 5th edition to use these creatures against my friends.

Fish_Creature_Drawing copy.jpg

Exploring Fablewood- August 15, 2016

Days of over 100 degrees and nights around 85, have made it difficult to draw when the paper sticks to your arm no matter what. Though progress has slowed down this week, I already have set up what needs to get done this week. 

Similar to last week's sketches of the satyr, I have fleshed out the drawing more to be the basis of the final drawing for the book.