War Orc

Continuing the series of drawings I've made in the past few months and never posted is a drawing of an orc. I created this drawing while sitting in my hotel room the night before illuxcon started. I am not good at watching tv and always have to have a pencil in my hand in order to sit still. So I sketched this portrait out while I watched the presidential debate in October. At the time I just made the drawing for fun, but I plan for this orc character to pop up in a Dungeons and Dragons game down the road.


Garthok, orc rogue from Critical Role

There's always stack of sketches and drawings on the corner of my drafting table waiting to be finished. The other day I pulled a drawing out of the stack to finish after I got home from work. 

Garthok is a half-orc rogue, member of the Clasp, and aided Vox Machina after the dragon attack in Emon. He appeared in one epsiode of Critical Role and wasn't a major character but I liked the idea of an orc rogue. Here's the small graphite portrait.