Monster Monday- March 23, 2015

lich_gob This week's monster is a Goblin Lich, an undead necromancer raising armies of the dead for destruction.

Between starting a new job and spending most of my drawing time working on my project for the mentorship program. I'll try to have at least sketches for Monster Monday and the blog may slow down since I want to reveal the whole mentorship program project at the end. Make sure to follow me on instragram for sneak peeks.

Monster Monday- March 16, 2015

boggart_winter This weeks monster is a boggart. In a story I'm developing (and have a few chapters written) that takes place in a fey realm during the winter season. There are many creatures who live there including the boggarts, known minions of the Winter Giant. There weapons are made of stone, jagged and raw. They wear scarves of fur and mail of river stones. Most of the clothing they wear is stollen from oblivious humans who live to close to the forest. In hordes they bulldoze through the villages of the Fey, eating all their food and taking valuables back to their king.

Monster Monday- March 9, 2015

goblin_wiz_hat Last week my new brush pen arrived in the mail. Lately I've been looking for a brush pen to take with me on the go since carrying a bottle of ink and brush isn't convenient. I ordered a Kuretake Brush Pen and like it more then the Pentel Pocket Brush. It glides much smoother and the brush is stronger. As a test I inked this portrait of a goblin wizard for Goblin Guild.

Gnome Ink Drawing

smoking_gnome Continuing to experiment with the new brush pen I have. A while back I posted pages from my sketchbook, one of the pages had some gnome designs and I decided to take the idea I create a finished drawing. Resulting in the final ink drawing of a gnome smoking a pipe. Lately I've been interested in doing more folklore inspired pieces then just fantasy and have more ideas ready to be drawn and inked.

Monster Monday- February 16, 2015

mandrake_root_watercolor For this week's Monster Monday, I created a little Mandrake Root drawing. A while back I bought a brush pen that I wanted to try out and sketched out the character above. After inking it I scanned the drawing in to experiment with watercolor washes digitally. The next step will be to use actual watercolor confidently to lay in washes over my drawings and not freak out if I screw up a piece. There are bound to be more mistakes then successes, that's just the way art is.