Exploring Fablewood- May 8, 2017

I think I have narrowed down a theme for this years sketch book! It's a mixture of a few different ideas I've had combining into one. It's going to be a magic market, with trolls, goblins, and gnomes selling enchanted trinkets to the residents of Fablewood. Starting off with some of the primary sketches for a sly goblin vendor.

It started with some figure gestures to get the personality of the character down. Some are more approachable while one is more sinister. Once I get the figure down, I'll start to add details to the costume and explore who this character might be.

Goblin Week

This year I slacked on Goblin Week, I was busy drawing aliens instead and a bunch of not very original goblins. But I did finish a goblin just in time for the end of Goblin Week! 

Based on the classic Dungeons and Dragons Goblin, I sketched this little gob solider as a spot illustration that could be in an RPG manual next to some stats. Now back to sketching!

Return of Rus Dread-Gourger

Rus has been a character that every once in a while I draw. He's not a part of a larger project, though I do have little bits of narrative in mind. Rus is more of a character I return to when I need a break and just want to draw a goblin. Though there is a good chance that Rus will end up in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign when I decide to play another rogue.

Tavern Tales-Goblin Bard

I realized I had a bunch of drawings that I have not yet shared and will over the next week or two. With all that is going on I wanted to share something that is light hearted and fun. During Illuxcon I finished this drawing of a goblin bard. While working on it, it was apparent that the character I was drawing was Otis from Songs of Fablewood. I ran with it and decided this is what Otis would look like in a 'high fantasy' setting. Just playing singing, enjoying life, and traveling the world to tell grand stories of heroes and the down fall of villains. 

Art Drop Day 2016

Last year I missed Art Drop Day and was determined to participate this year. Due to the holiday weekend and having to work the whole time, I wasn't able to draw anything new to drop. I pulled out my box of finished drawings to fish for a small drawing to drop. I pulled out the goblin and knew where I wanted to drop it. I headed a few towns over to hide it among the RPG books at the local B&N.

Turns out I never scanned the drawing for whatever reason so enjoy the poor quality phone photo.

Exploring Fablewood- June 27, 2016

Froglins started out as a creature I wanted to include in my thesis in college but didn't manage to squeeze in. Fablewood is an ideal place for the froglins to make home.

Froglins are aquatic goblins that live on the river banks, swamps, any body of water really. They spend most of their time swimming and hunting for fish and rarely make an appearance far away from water. Though that doesn't stop the will-o-wisps visiting a Froglin relaxing on a rock.

Exploring Fablewood-May 9, 2016

The past week has been busy between my day job, getting ready for Free Comic Book day, and venturing to The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington DE on Saturday. I didn't have a chance to work on any Fablewood related drawings or sketches. So I've decided to share a page from Songs of Fablewood, which will soon be available in my online shop I'm setting up. 

Otis lost in Fog Hollow



Goblin Bomber

Started this drawing during Goblin Week in January and finished recently between commissions and my day job. Goblins in my mind are chaotic fighters, experimenting with black powder and using risky technology to make up for their lack of physical strength. I've drawn a bunch of goblins with a similar concept in the past but I think this one fits my idea the best. 

Here's the sketchbook page that started the drawing. 

In order not to lose some of the sketches I create on random sheets of paper, I'll tape them into my sketchbook. If I'm struggling to create the same action as the thumbnail pose, I'll enlarge the thumbnail, print it out and work on top of the printed sketch. Not only does it save time but I get exactly what I like from the sketch for my final drawing.

Lastly here's a work in progress photo I took one night while working on the drawing