Exploring Fablewood- August 22, 2016

The book is starting to come together, the layouts have been started with some of the final drawings placed. As well as a hoard of sketches, comps, and studies that still need to be scanned. 

A while back I shared a rough drawing of a frogmen with some curious will-o-wisps. The drawing has been finished for a while but I finally had the time to scan and share it.


Exploring Fablewood- June 27, 2016

Froglins started out as a creature I wanted to include in my thesis in college but didn't manage to squeeze in. Fablewood is an ideal place for the froglins to make home.

Froglins are aquatic goblins that live on the river banks, swamps, any body of water really. They spend most of their time swimming and hunting for fish and rarely make an appearance far away from water. Though that doesn't stop the will-o-wisps visiting a Froglin relaxing on a rock.