Exploring Fablewood- May 1, 2017

Sorry for the two week break. It's been a little crazy with packing, moving, and a adopting a young dog. So it's been a little crazy setting up supplies and creating a new 'thinking and productive' space for drawing and digital and having a dog jumping around.

Last week I wanted to post the drawing below. It some how remained at my parents place and didn't make its way to my apartment. But now it's here! The great gnome druid Otto Galvin, guardian of the Cinder Thicket, a northern part of Fablewood. He created many arcane stones as beacon for the wisps to follow. 

Exploring Fablewood- April 10, 2017

The past week has been busy with my full time job, my birthday, allergic reactions, and then getting sick. Have to say it was a tough week to get through but it didn't stop me from scribbling color on top of an drawing from Parade of Wisps. This gnome drawing was one of my favorite pieces I drew last year and I want to finish it off with full color to send off to art directors. 

This is my progress so far

Exploring Fablewood- March 13, 2017

Continuing my adventure into digital coloring. I started coloring this portrait back in January and needed to finish it after staring at in on my desktop for weeks. Spent the afternoon adding textures and shadows to the base colors. 

One of my goals this year is to improve on my digital skills and finishing smaller pieces like this one. Let's me practice without the intimidating nature of worrying about all the figures and elements of the piece as an entirety. Here's one down and many to go as I continue digital art exploration.

Exploring Fablewood- January 9, 2017

The past week has been lots of sketching of what could be next for Fablewood. So far its lots of scribbles of compositions and story ideas. Though one sketch I happened to like is of a gnome with a hatched egg. The gnome is related to the gnome witch (Hazel) from Parade of Wisps. He prefers to study the other creatures of Fablewood, including this little phoenix that just hatched.

Tavern Tales-Goblin Bard

I realized I had a bunch of drawings that I have not yet shared and will over the next week or two. With all that is going on I wanted to share something that is light hearted and fun. During Illuxcon I finished this drawing of a goblin bard. While working on it, it was apparent that the character I was drawing was Otis from Songs of Fablewood. I ran with it and decided this is what Otis would look like in a 'high fantasy' setting. Just playing singing, enjoying life, and traveling the world to tell grand stories of heroes and the down fall of villains. 

Art Drop Day 2016

Last year I missed Art Drop Day and was determined to participate this year. Due to the holiday weekend and having to work the whole time, I wasn't able to draw anything new to drop. I pulled out my box of finished drawings to fish for a small drawing to drop. I pulled out the goblin and knew where I wanted to drop it. I headed a few towns over to hide it among the RPG books at the local B&N.

Turns out I never scanned the drawing for whatever reason so enjoy the poor quality phone photo.

Gnome Inventor

I draw lots of gnomes, there is no way of stopping me from drawing gnomes and goblins. But this gnome is different from my usual Fablewood Gnomes.

Over the past few months I've been experimenting more with color, If I want to get better at digital art, I have to make digital art. On my days off I've been chipping away at this gnome inventor and clock work owl. I'm pleased with the results and plan on adding this into my other sketchbook I plan to print this year Conjured Thoughts Volume 2.

Bonus original drawing and sketchbook pages!

Exploring Fablewood- February 29, 2016

This week's addition to the Fablewood mythos is an arcane veteran and a member of the Magician's Council along with Troll Witch and Troll Wizard.

Joreth lives in Fog Hollow in a small cabin collecting rare herbs and mushrooms for medicines. He is often found in his garden growing herbs for his experiments. Visiting Joreth can be a challenge with the beasts living in Fog Hollow scaring people away. But the beasts don't bother Joreth since he heals the injured creatures asking for nothing in return. 

Goblin Bomber

Started this drawing during Goblin Week in January and finished recently between commissions and my day job. Goblins in my mind are chaotic fighters, experimenting with black powder and using risky technology to make up for their lack of physical strength. I've drawn a bunch of goblins with a similar concept in the past but I think this one fits my idea the best. 

Here's the sketchbook page that started the drawing. 

In order not to lose some of the sketches I create on random sheets of paper, I'll tape them into my sketchbook. If I'm struggling to create the same action as the thumbnail pose, I'll enlarge the thumbnail, print it out and work on top of the printed sketch. Not only does it save time but I get exactly what I like from the sketch for my final drawing.

Lastly here's a work in progress photo I took one night while working on the drawing 

Exploring Fablewood-Feburary 8, 2016


Boggart Designs

Sketched various designs for Boggarts for an illustration. Boggarts like to cause trouble by stealing pies from windows or rolling around in mud then entering your house. Most Fablewood residents see Boggarts as tricksters with a childish nature.

More work to be done on experimenting with the designs to get the silhouette and design I'm looking for

Exploring Fablewood-January 25, 2016


Otis hiking in the mountains

graphite on bristol

Otis is off on another adventure into the mountainous area of Fablewood. Many giants and a few dragons live in the crags of rock hiding from the daylight and venturing out at night. Otis hikes up the highest mountain looking for an ancient dragon, Razeth, to record the histories of Fablewood.

Goblin Week 2016- Day 1


Portrait of a Goblin Solider

5.5x7.5, graphite on paper

It's that time of year again, its Goblin Week again on Tumblr. I don't need an excuse to draw goblins, it's really a week where the rest of the internet joins in with goblins of there own. Starting out this week is a goblin portrait inspired by classic Dungeons and Dragons art work from the original books as well as Advance D&D.

Tomorrow will be Exploring Fablewood but contributing to Goblin Week