Exploring Fablewood- November 21, 2016

Currently on the drawing table, or rather the computer is the Tree Imp from 2 weeks back. Since returning from Illuxcon, I have really wanted to improve my photoshop skills before setting off to color larger illustrations from Parade of Wisps. This next week I will be spending more time at the computer then the desk in an attempt to get as much practice as possible. Here's a sneak peak at how the tree imp is turning out. Still has a long way to go!

Exploring Fablewood- October 24, 2016

I feel like I always say that everything is crazy and I didn't have a finished drawing to share. Unlike other weeks when its my day job and working on book layouts, this week it was Illuxcon. (Later on this week I will be doing an Illuxcon post.) I do now have boxes of Parade of Wisps that will become available in my soon to be online shop. Along with my other sketch books and some original drawings! Maybe some prints as well.

So I am working towards changing my posting process a bit. One week I will post sketches and by the next week a finished drawing based on those sketches. This is the first week I am doing this so it could all fall apart, but worth a try eh. 

For this week are some little tree Imp sketches. People loved the Tree Imps at Illuxcon and I haven't given them the same attention I have to others. So it's there time to shine 

Exploring Fablewood- September 19, 2016

Final week of production as the book gets sent to the printers on Friday for proofing. Now the fun part of showing the finished artwork that I've spent the past few months scrawling. Last week I showed a part of this illustration as the front cover of Parade of Wisps and now the whole drawing.

Also check out the portfolio, I've updated the 3 galleries with more images.

Exploring Fablewood- September 5, 2016

I am done with all the illustrations for this years sketchbook. Now its time to put it all together. I am very happy with the work I created and look forward to sharing the final product with you all. Next week I will reveal the title and cover for Exploring Fablewood.

This week is a small study of a satyr I did as a cool down drawing after work one night. Enjoy.