Songs of Fablewood Kickstarter

Launch_banner Songs of Fablewood kickstarter launches on September 15. There will be digital downloads of the book, printed editions of the book, sketches, finished artwork from the book as well as a variety of commissions. Over the next few days I'll be revealing artwork from the book, some available for purchase through the kickstarter.

Today I'll share one of the full color illustrations of Otis, the goblin bard and Gertrude, the bird as see the legendary Dragon Fish.  This was one of the illustrations I worked on during the ten week mentorship with Cory Godbey.


Monster Monday- March 23, 2015

lich_gob This week's monster is a Goblin Lich, an undead necromancer raising armies of the dead for destruction.

Between starting a new job and spending most of my drawing time working on my project for the mentorship program. I'll try to have at least sketches for Monster Monday and the blog may slow down since I want to reveal the whole mentorship program project at the end. Make sure to follow me on instragram for sneak peeks.