Rock Monster

Sorry for the lack of posts through out December. The last month was a little crazy with a bunch of random stuff piling on top of each other. But its time to share some new work! This year I am working towards building a portfolio and finding a position at either a gaming or animation studio. And that calls for some pre-production art, which I haven't done in a while since I was focusing on book illustration. Though I have been focusing on book illustration, I have decided to shift to exploring Pre-production art to help me achieve my goals of having a creative job.

To start out my new portfolio, I have an elemental rock creature that I redesigned from an old concept piece. It was fun to push the shapes of the rock forms and use a different color technique that I used years ago. 


Over all, I am happy with the design and looking forward to pushing myself both in concept and design in the next year. 

Rock Elemental Design Sheet

rock_monster_sheet Here is the design sheet for the process of creating the rock elemental. Started out with a sheet of thumbnails for silhouette and design. There were more then 8 designs but a few were just variations of other designs. Then moved onto creating ink drawings of 4 designs to see what a fleshed out version of the thumbnails will look like. Next I picked one of the four designs to take to final, starting off with small color comps  that are used in the final full color version of the character.