Bog Crawler Warlord

Back in November I posted the original Bog Crawler. Since then have added the leader to the Bog Crawlers of the marshy swamps. This Bog Crawler has been through battle with scars, jagged fins, even missing an eye. This isn't the standard minion in a level 1 dungeon. Mechanic wise, I see the Warlord as a low level spell caster that is able to boost the stats of near by allies. 

I plan on creating a mock up of the bog crawlers with stats to show how my artwork can be used for RPGs and other books.

Exploring Fablewood- October 17, 2016

Look what came in the mail, just in time for Illuxcon, Parade of Wisps. Illuxcon showcase will be the first opportunity to purchase a copy. Then it will be available online here on my website in the store I am building. 

Just wanted to share the final product, the photos aren't the best, so you'll just have to see for yourself with your own copy of Parade of Wisps

Exploring Fablewood- August 29, 2016

Postproduction of the book has begun. I plan on sending the book out mid September for a bundle of books for October Convention season. I will probably not have any fore New York Comic Con and will have copies for the Illuxcon Showcase.

Heres a preview for a page layout. Nothing is final and many hours of sitting in photoshop is ahead.

Exploring Fablewood-May 9, 2016

The past week has been busy between my day job, getting ready for Free Comic Book day, and venturing to The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington DE on Saturday. I didn't have a chance to work on any Fablewood related drawings or sketches. So I've decided to share a page from Songs of Fablewood, which will soon be available in my online shop I'm setting up. 

Otis lost in Fog Hollow



Songs of Fablewood Kickstarter

Launch_banner Songs of Fablewood kickstarter launches on September 15. There will be digital downloads of the book, printed editions of the book, sketches, finished artwork from the book as well as a variety of commissions. Over the next few days I'll be revealing artwork from the book, some available for purchase through the kickstarter.

Today I'll share one of the full color illustrations of Otis, the goblin bard and Gertrude, the bird as see the legendary Dragon Fish.  This was one of the illustrations I worked on during the ten week mentorship with Cory Godbey.


Monster Monday- March 16, 2015

boggart_winter This weeks monster is a boggart. In a story I'm developing (and have a few chapters written) that takes place in a fey realm during the winter season. There are many creatures who live there including the boggarts, known minions of the Winter Giant. There weapons are made of stone, jagged and raw. They wear scarves of fur and mail of river stones. Most of the clothing they wear is stollen from oblivious humans who live to close to the forest. In hordes they bulldoze through the villages of the Fey, eating all their food and taking valuables back to their king.